America's BEST Eagles Tribute Band - Spread Eagle: Tribute To The Eagles.

They are a 7 piece band comprised of seasoned musician singers. They have labored to accurately recreate the magical sound of the super group The Eagles. With five part vocals, and 7 piece insrumentation, they are musically and vocally able to perform the Eagles material  and sound more authentic than any 4 of 5 piece band.

Paul Hawkins covers the Glenn Frey vocals, plays acoustic and electric guitar and plays 2nd keyboard. Rick Steinau sings the Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit vocals, and plays bass guitar. The Don Henley vocals are covered by Keith Brindle while Rick Murphy is fills the role of Scott Crago as the drummer. Rick Serafini and Dave Dreher are the Joe Walsh and Don Felder of the group - playing all of those great dual lead solos and riffs. Bob Peterson plays first keyboards and fills the role of Joe Vitale. In this configuration, the band’s Don Henley performs out front, just as the Eagles perform nowadays and this allows him to put his all into the vocal performance.

They offer several different show options. They offer a standard 'concert-style' show done in two long sets just like the Eagles do when they perform. The show last between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

They offer a 'feature' show whereby they perform a set of classic Eagles songs. They leave the stage and come back with dramatic lighting effects and multimedia projection and perform the Hotel California album from start to finish. After that, they perform a set of later Eagles material and solo hits from Joe Walsh, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey. This show runs 2-1/2 hours. It requires extra personnel and equipment.

The band offers a 'club-style' show that is arranged such that listeners can dance the entire evening. This show can be as long as 4 hours (in 3 sets with breaks).

They have developed an acoustic set, much like the famous Hell Freezes Over show that debuted in 1994 where The Eagles were out in front on stools, 6 across, and performed songs in an acoustic manner.

Coming in late 2009, the theatre-style show "Eagles & Friends - Then to Now' will debut. Think BEATLEMANIA, and then think EAGLEMANIA with a twist. The show is a 3 act show that runs about 3 hours. Act 1 starts off with The Eagles as Linda Ronstadt's band, and Linda Ronstadt singer performs. Then, The Eagles perform hits from 1972 to 1982. Act 2 begins with Don Henley singer performing solo hits after the Eagles break-up. He is then joined by Stevie Nicks singer and they perform Leather and Lace. He leaves the stage and Stevie Nicks singer continues singing some of her hits. Then Trisha Yearwood comes out and sings some of her hits, and is then joined by Don Henley singer for the duets Walkaway Joe and Inside Out. Act 3 opens with the recreation of the Hell Freezes Over stage and The Eagles performing several songs from 1994. Then, the entire troupe comes out and backs The Eagles as hey sing songs off of their new double-disc release Long Road Out Of Eden as the finale.

Whether private event, civic event, corporate event, niteclub, casino or other music venue, we have the show for you. Music if The Eagles is appropriate for all audiences and is a great choice for adult or family entertainment.

It'll be a show you'll not soon forget, a... NIGHT IN THE FAST LANE!