Springs Media is in business to promote YOUR business. We use multiple media channels to get the word out about YOU! And, we're darn good at it too!

Our mission is to raise awareness of your brand my utilizing our years of experience working with the media. We create results-driven content to pitch to the media to gain positive news coverage of your business and product.

We build a strong presence on social media to serve the online demand for information about your brand.

We have 20 years of experience dealing with members of the media. Using that knowledge and experience, we'll provide you with excellent service and results.


What we do:

--Secure positive media coverage through TV, radio, newspapers, and blogs
--Build and maintain social media web sites
--Write and distribute press releases
--Reputation/Crisis Management
--Video Production
--Commercial Production
--Search Engine Optimization
--Graphic/Logo Design
--Direct Marketing

We have a proven track record of securing positive media coverage on local, national, and international platforms. That media coverage has led to extended awareness of our clients' brands.