Elevate your Lawn! SprinklerLift makes raising sunken sprinkler heads in your lawn quick, affordable and easy. Adding this part lifts the height of your stem 1 1/2 in. without the time and mess of completely digging up your existing sprinkler head.

Homeowners have been wasting water and experienced brown patches of dead grass with sunken sprinklers. Until now, raising a sprinkler head required digging a large hole and hours of labor. SprinklerLift is a new product that quickly elevates sprinklers without the mess. The SprinklerLift extension enables users to raise sprinkler heads in minutes - by simply unscrewing the sprinkler cap, install the riser, align the extension and reinstall. Available for Rainbird, K-Rain, and Orbit pop-up heads.

For more information, go to www.SprinklerLift.com or watch the instructional video at: https://youtu.be/rLNqBZ1SVJY.