Sprintex’s mission is to be a Best in Class world leading supplier of automotive superchargers supplying the highest quality, most efficient compressors using the latest design and technology to provide desired torque, power, efficiency and fuel economy.

Sprintex Limited was formed in 2003 and was originally formed as part of Australian Automotive Components.  Sprintex Limited, the parent company of Sprintex USA, is a public company listed on the ASX stock exchange (ASX) with company headquarters and R&D facilities based in Malaga, Perth, Western Australia.  Manufacturing of the Sprintex Supercharger is located in Malaysia.

Sprintex USA is a wholly owned subsidiary formed in 2012 with distribution and assembly served out of the company’s facility in Oklahoma City, OK where also some of the supercharger system components are manufactured, including manifold housing assemblies.

The company’s premier product is a positive displacement, mechanically driven, twin screw compressor supercharger system designed for late model, gas powered vehicles.  Developed using twin screw compressor technology, the system offers highly efficient power and torque gains across a broad speed range from low to full throttle with minimal toxic emissions (carbon monoxide and dioxide, NOX, hydrocarbons).  

The patented rotor design with its extremely tight internal clearances results in efficiencies unlike other systems on the market- especially at low engine speed that is maintained throughout the operating range of the engine. This unique rotor design has minimal leakage at all operating speeds and low parasitic losses making it an ideal design for all around performance (HP, Torque) for most applications.  

It is the efficient internal compression of the rotor design that delivers cooler (denser) air to the engine for an instantaneous boost of power to the engine; while using less power to operate than competitive models resulting in more power transmitted to the vehicle’s wheels for a noticeable No Lag response.  Unlike other supercharger designs, the twin screw makes consistent intake pressure for immediate boost.

The Sprintex Group, Limited and USA, has a history of prototype and specialized product development including:

o     Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance program for a super car manufacturer
o     OEM prototypes
o     Motorcycle – Bimota, Harley-Davidson, Ducati (V-Rod motor)
o     Toyota Landcruiser
o     MGZT220S
o     Ford Falcon
o     Mitsubishi
o     Aerospace and Marine