Spritecs - technology excellence for life
Spritecs SA is an established provider of software development services whose main focus is on creation of functionally-rich applications and websites for companies in healthcare and insurance business domains.
Spritecs SA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and among our clients there are prominent Swiss insurance companies and healthcare institutions. Spritecs team of engineers delivers state-of-the-art solutions: case management systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), corporate portals, online communities, etc. http://spritecs.com/solutions/
Providing services in a highly competitive environment we stay dedicated to our clients and adhere to working principles, what allows us maintain invariably high level of client-servicing and provide solutions of exceptional quality.
Among our recently delivered projects you will find data intensive online communities, professional online portals and workflow management systems - http://spritecs.com/projects/
Contact us to see the true value of technology excellence! http://spritecs.com/