At Sprung Investment Management, our focus is building and managing investment portfolios that are custom tailored to individual circumstances and long-term goals.

Our firm caters to high net worth investors who have outgrown mass market products, have tired of chasing market trends and prefer the personal attention of dealing directly with the Principals of their investment management firm.Independent and partner-owned, all research and investment decision-making is handled in-house by the Sprung team. We do not recommend or sell anything except our services – our revenue is generated solely through client fees.

With over three decades of experience, we have found that our three-part value investing strategy is the best way to reduce risk and volatility and earn consistent returns over time. Our diligent, patient and opportunistic approach has served our clients well, through good and bad markets:

Appraise the intrinsic value of each company over a business cycle;

Seek long-term growth of capital by investing in companies that we perceive to be   miss-priced;

Utilize a margin of safety to promote return of capital…not just return on capital.

Why does our value investing approach work? The prices of well-established, high-quality stocks tend to rise over time as the companies create value for shareholders. Stocks touted by brokers and the media often rise to extreme highs in expectation that they will meet or exceed their short-term earnings forecasts. However, they can decline dramatically when they fail to meet those forecasts.

In psychological terms, investors put unrealistically high expectations on stocks in that are in the broker/media limelight, often missing opportunities in those companies not currently in the limelight. Over time, patient investors are rewarded for focusing on the long-term fundamentals while avoiding the volatility inherent in chasing short-term trends.