SpryFeet is about building and protecting your happiness as an endurance runner or walker so that you perform better. SpryFeet followers are endurance athletes who want to improve their performance while enjoying the journey. Using road-tested techniques — not unproven theory — Kirk has uncovered and documented ways that show this exclusive group how to be happier with their athletic performance through his techniques.

SpryFeet followers know these two key truths:

Truth #1: Performance affects happiness.
Truth #2: Happiness affects performance.

Everyone knows truth #1. Very few know truth #2. Or, if they know it, they ignore it.

As someone who has completed more than a dozen marathons, Kirk meets and trains with many people who

(a) took up endurance running or walking recently or
(b) are long-time endurance runners and walkers.

But, here is the sad part: the joy of the sport is gone for many of them.

Maybe they took up endurance running or walking to lose weight, but then maybe they got sidelined by injuries. Or, maybe they have never gotten injured, but their workouts have gotten into a rut. Whatever the reason for their lack of joy with — or, worse, their antipathy toward — endurance running or walking, this is so unnecessary.

Worse, it damages their performance, which, in turn, damages their happiness. (See truth #1.)

Most people don’t fully understand the dynamics of performance and happiness. They start with measuring their performance and then obsessing about improving it no matter what, but that’s the last thing on which they should focus. Happiness should come first. Kirk looks at building and protecting your happiness before worrying about whether you’re following the right training schedule, for example.

Kirk offers a better way. Kirk offers tips and techniques that will, first and foremost, protect your happiness as an endurance athlete. This is the polar opposite of what you will see most celebrity athletes doing. And the worst move you could ever make is copying everything that they do. First, they are not like the rest of us. Second, given their super-human abilities, they are not necessarily aware of the dynamics of performance and happiness. Kirk teaches you a different way — a better way.

If this seems complicated, don’t worry; it isn’t. You’ll quickly adopt Kirk’s techniques and start to see results.