Amsterdam, 20th of may, 2008 - Spryng has extended it’s activities with a worldwide SMS Wholesale service. Spryng has a reputation for some years now, as a reliable supplier of mobile services offered to the business market.

The products and services Spryng offers, have been gradually extended with worldwide SMS wholesale. Spryng’s worldwide SMS wholesale gateway offers customers the possibility to purchase and send bulk SMS everywhere around the world through it’s specially designed SMS wholesale gateway. Thereby guaranteeing a high reliability and optimum quality. Spryng provides numerous routes to meet the specific criteria of the customer, ranging from various economy- to a variety of business routes.

With SMS wholesale from Spryng the customer only pays for the SMS itself, so no setup- or license fees. Spryng offers competitive pricing for bulk SMS. All the statistics and information needed, like delivery rapports, are for free.
Spryng SMS wholesale has gained a lot of experience and is operative in several country’s around the world.
For technical specification, prices or more information you can visit http://www.spryng.nl/ or http://www.sms-wholesale.com/