Inspired and named after Squire Boone, the younger brother of Daniel Boone, Squire Boone Village provides wholesale merchandise to distributors and retailers around the world.  

Providing custom printed labeling, packaging and displays, Squire Boone ensures that our customers are able to tailor our products to fit their brands and needs.

At Squire Boone Village, we believe that handmade goods are the best goods and produce many of our best selling items in-house. 100% Soybean Wax Candles, Rock Crystal Candy, Formula Sour and Shock Your Buds candies and Grist Mill Mixes are just a few of the items we take care to prepare by hand. Bulk rock, jewelry, toys and gifts round out our massive inventory offerings.

As one of only two manufacturers of Rock Crystal Candy in the US, Squire Boone Village has perfected an unrivaled line of the nostalgic favorite while also bringing the world the most sour candy available...Formula Sour. With over 60 candies packaged 11 different ways, Squire Boone Village will keep you fully stocked and your customers coming back for more. Did we mention all of our candy is gluten free?

Squire Boone Village Divisions:
- Bloom Brothers started business in 1906 and was one of the very first wholesale souvenir companies in the United States supplying souvenir stores nationwide. Today, Squire Boone Village continues their tradition with embossed leather goods and wild-west inspired souvenirs and replicas.

- Earth Exploration Co. teaches young students about geology through developing products that are interactive and fun. A wide variety of rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils are imported from around the world and each shipment includes details to educate and foster a learning environment.