Squiz is a Supported Open Source solutions company, founded in Sydney, Australia in 1998. We have over ten years of experience of delivering successful open source content management solutions (websites, intranets, extranets and and portals) to the commercial, corporate, educational, not for profit and cultural sectors from our global network of sales and support centres.

Our flagship product is the Enterprise Open Source CMS (Web Content Management System), MySource Matrix. MySource Matrix is designed, developed and maintained by Squiz. However, it is distributed freely as an open source product, with no licensing costs.

The Squiz business model is deliberately different. Whilst MySource Matrix is an Open Source CMS, and therefore free, we earn money by providing a warranted version of the product and through the provision of support and services such as custom development, implementation, 24/7 helpdesk support, training, project management, design and SLAs.

Many of the world’s leading brands use MySource Matrix, including Boots, Oxford University, EMAP, The Australian Federal Government and the UK’s Electorial Commission and National Health Service