Sri Lanka is one of the most dynamic countries where history lives and breathes hand-in-hand with the complete contemporary world here. The country has an enriching array of historical sites and religious places, with the perfect blend of equally good adventurous and leisure places that are worth visiting.

We have always felt that enough has not been written about Sri Lanka in-depth, especially the small city centers that haven't got its due as travel destinations. There is so much to be written about, there's so much still to be explored...

The fresh and diverse culture of Sri Lanka where you get to see people from all walks of life makes it a mini continent. The country has more religious, romantic and historical backdrop where there are temples, churches, mosques, monuments, palaces and forts of immense importance, adorning the country from time immemorial along with the one of the best dense forests, mountains, picturesque locations. www.echosrilanka.com