About Us
StLouisHolistic was created to provide a network within the local holistic community. It is an online directory of holistic practitioners, goods, and services in the St. Louis area.

We found that locally there are many practitioner, service, and good providers who believe in a more natural and holistic approach. We created this site with the purpose to connect like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations with those looking for holistic services.

StLouisHolistic.com is your connection to holistic services in St. Louis

What is Holistic Health?
If you are seeking alternative options and solutions to traditional practices, then holistic health is your approach. Holistic health is an approach to life that considers the whole person when achieving optimal health. Considering the whole person includes your physical, mental, nutritional, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of health. Holistic health focuses on education as well as each individualÂ’s responsibility for their own level of well being.

Welcome to StLouisHolistic.COM
It is our job to create a place for everyone to come together; it is your job to help them live a healthier life.
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St.LouisHolistic.com was created to bring together like-minded individuals wanting to improve the lives of others. The passion is people and the health of people.

In order to be a member of StLouisHolistic you must offer holistic services, therapies or goods that are going to benefit the consumer’s health. If you are a practitioner, your philosophy must be open-minded to other modalities of treatment rather than drugs and surgery, unless no safer alternative exists. A holistic practitioner educates and identifies root causes of illness by looking at the whole person rather than individual parts.

By joining StLouisHolistic.com you can:

Be Apart of a Holistic Referral Network of Practitioners, Goods & Services—build referral relationships and cross refer with other holistic practitioners, goods and service providers in the St. Louis Area.
Reach a Targeted Holistic Audience—who are seeking holistic options and are open-minded to receiving alternative services.
Increase your Web Traffic—by linking to us and us linking to you this will increase your presence on the web. If you have a website, we recommend linking to our site to increase your search engine optimization.
Talk to the Holistic Community—by posting on the monthly newsletter you can send articles, tips, and help educate the local holistic community.
Post on the Events Page— as an avenue to announce your upcoming seminars or seasonal and promotional events to the holistic community.
Find Help Wanted By Posting on the Jobs Listing Page— a great way to find someone already interested in the holistic community.