“Fantasia Travels Expressions has an opportunity for authors & artist fan to get
together to network , educate ,motivate and inspire each other,” CEO Stacey Blackward
said. Also get a chance to meet a new legion of fans on the tour.
According to an article in USA Today, The trend in authors, singers and
musicians on ships is growing. “For the cruise line's production of the raucous hit
Broadway show Rock of Ages on sister ship Norwegian Breakaway, which debuted earlier
this year, the producers and casting agency received more than 5,000 resumes. More than
600 performers were auditioned in a New York studio for the 15 roles,” the USA Today
article stated.
The New York Times also featured an article about the trend. “It’s become
increasingly difficult to create and build a book and make it successful,” says Keith Fox,
president of McGraw-Hill Professional, the division of the McGraw-Hill Companies that
published Ms. Khalfani’s financial advice book. Literary cruises, he said, are “an
opportunity for us to get our authors in front of a demographic that loves books.”
Blackward is the CEO of Fantasia Travels / Fantasia Travels Expressions, is an
accredited Cruise Counselor, is Richmond, Va. Chapter Director for Independent Travels
Professional Network, she also has a blog talk radio show called Stacey B Talk Radio
Show. Blackward volunteers for different nonprofit organizations and devotes her time to
community events and is also an Advanced Communicator Bronze level with
Toastmasters International .
Blackward is described as fun loving, lively, and her enthusiasm for travel is
contagious. Her love of learning has kept her focused on making travel a priority in her
life. She is passionate about the industry! In 2010, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to
merge her love of family and cruises into a family business.
She and her husband, Robert Blackward, Sr., launched Fantasia Travels LLC/
Fantasia Travels Expressions. Since opening the business, she and her family have also
cruised on many of the ships that she confidently recommends to her clients. This
personal experience gives her insightful choices about the best destinations and
She is an innovator who seeks to combine worthwhile activities and a beautiful
setting into an unforgettable adventure for her special list of clients. Blackward’s specific expertise lies in her ability to cultivate close relationships with the cruise lines with whom she works. Her intent is to bring value to her clients through her services and programs in order to create an unforgettable experience for each cruise.
Stacey Blackward, CEO info@fantasiatravels.com
or 804 804-518-0868