Dr. Mark Benden, assistant professor at the EOH Department, School of Rural Public Health at Texas A&M Health Science Center, is the master mind behind this unique design for the STAND2LEARN™ desk. We are a Texas-based company whose product was born from the classroom through various iterations based on teacher and student feedback. Dr. Benden started this project about 3 years ago in elementary schools as a concept to fight childhood obesity and increase student focus. The concept has since grown into the development of 2 desk versions to accommodate Kinder through 4th Grade and 5th Grade through adults, including teachers.

STAND2LEARN™ is a revolutionary idea compared to 'old school' thinking. STAND2LEARN™ desks are stand-biased giving the student the option to sit or stand in a classroom resulting in improved mobility, increased alertness, better focus on instruction & greater calorie burn rates.

STAND2LEARN™ desks are a radical change from the old days of "Little House on the Prairie" one-size fits all wooden desks. As technological changes consume our schools, the basics of seating need a change as well.  For further information, please contact us at (214)785-2125.