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Advantages of the Standard Panel Building System

•     Rapid construction-50 % faster than conventional methods.
•     Panels finish quickly with paint or stucco, little prep needed.
•     No house wrap, vapor barrier or insulation required.
•     Roof can be painted-no need for roof covering.
•     High energy savings, 30-50% also smaller HVAC units.
•     Durable-tested to over 200 MPH wind speeds.
•     3 story home tested to a Richter scale 12 earthquake-No Damage.
•     No organic materials to feed termites and other pests.
•     Panels are pre-cut in factory, no skilled labor required in the field.
•     Lightweight panels are easily transported and constructed.
•     Small crews can quickly assemble, without heavy equipment.
•     Suitable for any climate in the world, hot or cold, dry or humid.
•     Panels have wire chases pre-installed in factory.
•     Large panels up to 8 by 30 feet.
•     Composite panel skins are fire retardant-Class A rated.
•     Extensive third party structural testing on panels and connectors.

The Standard Panel System is an ideal choice for residential and commercial construction.

We can save you time and money on your next project, while providing you with a high quality, energy efficient building envelope.