Stank Records' first commercial release ‘i Ball’ has introduced a new sound into the hip-hop market. Encapsulated by the artist’s name ‘P-Duble’, it combines the recognized style of P-dub and his new sound with the added dimension of dramatic gesture and resonance. Already available on iTunes, Amazonmp3, emusic, Rhapsody and napster via its distributors SongCast Music, ‘i Ball;’ the first single off the upcoming project will appeal to exponents of gangster rap and Christian music alike, whilst being versatile and strong enough for potential cross-over use within both the secular and Holy Hip-Hop markets.

“Our aim is to produce music that is not limited to just the church” said Paul Mohr, Creative Director of Stank Records and producer of ‘Obituaries’. “We are delighted that SongCast Music recognized the originality in our stylistic approach enough to want to sign-on with Stank Records  with only a single to release. This undoubtedly gives us the platform to reach cultural and demographic  markets that we, as an Indie label, would have struggled to achieve otherwise.

“P-Duble is not just a name to us. It is a brand that we hope to consolidate with the future plans we have in store and are hoping to implement in 2009. That said, we know that we need to continually re-invent ourselves and our sound in order to stay at the fore-front of the music arena and go on to expand the ministry into areas where we feel called to take it.”

About Stank Records: Stank Record is a small independent music production company. Conceived in November 2008, the initial twelve weeks were spent researching music trends to establish whether the direction they were feeling led was actually the direction they needed to go. The first single was released in January 2009 and their first distribution contract secured in February 2009 with SongCast Digital.