Give an Out-of-this-world gift that will never be forgotten! Name a star with STAR REGISTRY®

The beautiful INTERNATIONAL STAR REGISTRY® parchment certificate is world famous.

The iconic STAR REGISTRY® certificate shown at STARREGISTRY.COM® has been featured in movies, on television, in print, and elsewhere for 4 decades.

The historic 10 volume star catalog created by International Star Registry is impressive. Honorees include Heads of State, royalty, every US president elected since 1953, heroes, celebrities, sports legends, astronauts, and historic social and political figures.

All customers receive the same distinctive International Star Registry certificate that has been featured in movies and on television, a sky chart indicating the star’s location, and a booklet on astronomy. Other popular upgrades introduced over the years include custom framing, a photographic sky image of the star, engraved sterling silver jewelry, and elegant hand calligraphy making the International Star Registry certificate a unique work of art.

Don;t be fooled by imitators. Only the stars named with International Star Registry are permanently recorded along with their telescopic coordinates in 10 hardbound and copyrighted volumes of the only permanently published catalog of star names in the world, YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS.

Latest Edition: Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume X.
Copyright© 1985, 1988, 1992, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2017 International Star Registry
Library of Congress Catalog Number 84-63015

This catalog of the stars is not intended for use by the scientific community. The stars are recorded in this way to create a permanent record of each unique star named for future generations to refer to and enjoy.

Stars named through International Star Registry are unique and retain their name in perpetuity.

Name a star and it will shine forever.