You are a creative genius.  You live to create, to share your passions with the world. The need to invent is deep and all consuming.

You are an artist.

You are also a business.   You are the business of music, song, art, design, or words.

Don’t let the business of being a business take away from the magic of being an artist.

Star West Virtual Services was created with you, the artist, in mind. Star West Virtual Services provides high quality virtual assistance and quality control for musicians, artists, authors, and other creative geniuses. We handle the daily drudgery of being a business so that you don’t have to.

Star West Virtual Services is the joint effort of Lisa Wilkinson and Crystal Blaylock.  Best friends who have a life-time love affair with all things beautiful, we know that OUR talents lie in organizing, maintaining, and marketing.  We can’t sing a note, but we can craft a pretty mean facebook post!

We provide services that are essential to the success of your artistic endeavors – flier creation, email management, social media management, press releases, and call-back assistance, for example – so that you can concentrate on creating more magic in the world.

You need an excellent press release, daily social media quotes, and constant attention to your emails for your talent to reach as many people as possible; yet these things are often the very things that drain the creativity our of your day.  Other companies charge upwards of $600 a month for these services, but Lisa and Crystal have worked with musicians and artists for over a decade.  We understand that often-times, an artist pays for studio time, equipment, and travel out of their own pockets.  We have purposely lowered our prices to well below industry standard because we never want you to choose between marketing and creating.  Our love of artists drives us.  We have dedicated ourselves to not only understanding artists of all kinds, but to supporting them in their endeavors.