In today’s economic strife, people want to work on getting out of the economic morass by creating a vehicle that will propel them to financial independence.  In anticipation of the current economic condition ensuing, Joel Anderson began the groundwork for the current format which is now taking his company, partners and financial foundation to a level which is not affected by the world economy. Joel’s goal is to help others achieve the same and beyond.
Rather than reinvent the wheel Mr. Anderson chose to use already accessible and proven methods of generating point of sale and residual income from a computer anywhere in the world. Mr. Anderson is known for his undeniable devotion to helping others succeed and he personally answers all communications to him within 24 hours, seven days a week.
The steps taken to brand the company were first, to secure a slogan that could be recognized as stability and integrity in the affiliate marketing and networking industry. Bringing Opportunity Home was chosen. Next, was the matter of guaranteeing a position for branding that nurtured undeniable web presence and trust, making Bringing Opportunity Home a household phrase, passed on by word-of-mouth in confidence.  A Copyright and Trademark has been secured with the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect would-be copycats from being able to use it.
For the premier keyword adverting, leapfish.com was chosen and Bringing Opportunity Home was purchased and certified in the top three rankings of this highly visible internet search engine amalgamation platform. Leapfish.com boasts the web’s first clickless technology and aligns the homepage with each user’s region for all current news, events and weather.
All domains for www.BringingOpportunityHome.xxx were purchased through Tuxdomains.com with all available extensions.
A blog was started which also bears the slogan as its title search. All are invited to read, subscribe to, and send comments and testimonials to the blog.
Finally, advertising and marketing began through reputable paid services to guarantee compliance with all web and anti-spam policies for advertising and emailing campaigns.
Here is what Joel had to say in a recent interview – “I only promote affiliate and networking programs which have value and which have created income for me and those I have joint ventured with, in the test. If I find that an affiliate or networking company has misrepresented itself it is immediately removed from our system during my trial with it, before I promote it to anyone else. Now, I want to mention one very important fact. If you think you can press a button and make untold amounts of money for doing nothing, you have been mislead by 95% of the get rich quick schemes… they are simply not true. Building an income on the internet is the same as any other business building. You need to invest effort and energy to get established, by applying the correct tools in the proper places. I only endorse programs with real exchangeable tangible assets and training to get you started”.
Joel can be found on gibLink, MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter.
Go to leapfish.com and type Bringing Opportunity Home in the browser bar to see the latest in successful online business communities that are building monetary foundations for their members.