Startup Con Live is an International  Conference Series focused on "Conversations That Matter" for Startups.

Startup Con Live  was initiated by Frank Clark (Frank Clark Consulting and Coaching)  in December 2015 after a call to action via the Blab Team Newsletter. Within 48 hours, he had recruited, Lori Webb (Big Blab Event), to the Executive Production Team that a week later saw the addition of Jonathan Tripp (Blabnation)  and Zef Zan (Entrepreneurs That Soar).

Less than three weeks from start to finish, Startup Con Live was conceived, created and delivered to rave reviews by speakers,  participants, co-creators and throughout social media.

The experience and collaboration was so successful that the team continued in their co-collaboration on individual projects and along with continuously co-creating the evolution of the Startup Con Live model.  The aim, a work in progress, to figure out the best way to leverage individual and collective expertise to support more international startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and thrive.

In this and future productions of Startup Con Live, we are accomplishing this objective through Conversations That Matter and will cover many important topics for the startup and entrepreneurial community.

We are also working to provide additional  participant support through program development outside of the Startup Con Live Online Events. The outcome is to take the conference beyond just talk and into action for our conference participants.

Please visit the registration page for more information about the #startupcon March 14th - 16th event at bit.ly/startupcon2.