StartupDevKit is a startup that doubles as a startup incubator and startup accelerator and helps early-stage pre and post-launch startups develop and grow using startup development kits and mentoring.

StartupDevKit helps give startups what they need to validate their ideas, learn how to get their products built, launch, get press, get investment, manage their team, and of course, skyrocket their growth.

They empower startups with dozens of best practices guides written in-house, a book on startup failure and success, lists to help startups growth hack including a huge list of growth hacks, essential templates to make founders’ lives easier and save time, and through other great resources. These materials have been developed to make founders’ lives easier and help them to build and grow faster and smarter.

StartupDevKit also encourages startups learn what not to do by reverse-engineering the top 20 reasons for startup failure, as listed by CB Insights, examining the root causes of each reason, and explaining best practices to prevent each root cause for startup failure from happening. It’s all easily explained through a book its Founder, Carl Potak, has been writing called Startup Survival Secrets: Why 70% of Startups Fail and How to Make Yours Thrive. The book will be available in the startup development kits and sold separately.

There are three different kits: an incubator kit designed for pre-launch startups, an accelerator kit designed for post-launch startups, and a fully-loaded kit that has the materials from both. The contents of the kits are organized and packed into their own sections through the website’s membership portal.