Providing every possible support to startup entrepreneurs

NOIDA, UP, INDIA – 20 November 2015

Startup Entrepreneurs, a club for Indian entrepreneurs, first time in India, to strengthen startup culture in India and provide every possible support to startup entrepreneurs for FREE.

Indian startup culture is booming and considering new government; it has gone to a sharp high to even stronger and bigger than before. However statistics show that over 90% of startups fail within first five years of their journey. Regardless of so many incubators, accelerators and network forums, they have NOT supported, as entrepreneur’s individual requirements to succeed.

We, being a group of IIT and IIM graduates and serial entrepreneurs, have gone through startup challenges and felt the pain of so called startup failure and success. After spending 20 years in Industry and seeing so many ups and down as entrepreneurs, we decided to support startup entrepreneurs through this club to increase the success rate of startups.

Any startup entrepreneurs in India can join for free to this club. We will support them with every possible means, which are required to enhance their chance of success. Unlike many accelerators and incubators, we offer more an inside support than outside support. We offer mentorship, network, self-finance and workspace for free to our members. Our club doesn’t take any fee or equity in your business.

We have a pool of highly experience professional from industry, research and administration, who support our member entrepreneurs as mentor. They are keen to support entrepreneurs without any fee and be part of entrepreneurial revolutions. We facilitate entrepreneurs to connect with co-founders, investors, board members and advisors. We offer supports related with company registration, tax filling, government grants, investor pitch, marketing and brand building. We have created a unique concept of self-finance, where interested entrepreneurs can work as a group on consultancy projects to generate (and then share) revenues to improve their financial situations.  We offer short and long term co-workspace in an excellent working environment in a IT building, which is currently located in Noida but plan to expand and create co-workspace for member entrepreneurs in almost all cities in India.
           For additional information about this unique club for startup entrepreneurs, please visit www.startupentrepreneurs.org or contact Startup Entrepreneurs by e-mail: post@startupentrepreneurs.org or telephone: +47 94432969/+91 8802143104.