When applied, StayWell's Antimicrobial Copper is proven to kill 99.7% of germs on contact, and 97% of hospital-acquired infection germs on contact. Plus, all of our copper is 100% EPA approved!

Your phone has 18x more germs than the DIRTIEST public restroom! The average phone hosts 25 million germs with easy access to your body (really, think about it)! Well not anymore... Arm your smartphone with the all natural, chemical free power of nature's strongest germ fighter: Copper!

Our  StayWell Copper line is made from 99.9% pure all-natural antimicrobial copper.
Our plan is that you, your family, and friends never again face unnecessary medical issues which StayWell Copper can stop…DEAD in their tracks.  

Our products have been focus tested on hundreds of people, just like you. StayWell helped them:
•     De-germ the lives of their families and their friends,
•     Establish new ways to look at "fighting germs",
•     Be much smarter with how they spend their germ-fighting dollars and,
•     Stopping the unnecessary chemicals going  into their bodies, our water, and our planet.

Our focus group has stayed healthy and they continue to reap the benefits of daily StayWell Copper use in their lives.  

We have completed  a 64 page ebook to be given free to all who go to our website and click for a free download. There's a lot to learn about how you view germs in your everyday life.