The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (www.sprivail.org) is a renowned orthopedic research organization known throughout the world for its exploration into the causes, prevention and treatment of orthopedic disorders. The institute is profoundly dedicated to solving orthopedic problems and disorders that limit an individual’s ability to maintain an active and healthy life. Disorders such as degenerative conditions, arthritis, symptoms and conditions associated with traumatic or sports-related orthopedic injuries and orthopedic fractures are at the forefront of the research produced by the Institute.

From diagnosis and surgery to rehabilitation and prevention, the Steadman Philippon Research Institute influences how orthopedic doctors and surgeons practice medicine. The institute covers all aspects of orthopedics including the shoulder, knee, elbow, spine, hip and ankle.

The Steadman Philippon Research Institute is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It is also one of the most innovative organizations of all research institutes and has developed specific orthopedic treatments that have changed the face of orthopedic medicine. The microfracture technique, for example, is now accepted as a treatment that may make it possible to postpone or even eliminate the need for knee replacement surgery. Today, the Foundation is also recognized worldwide for pioneering research of new arthroscopic procedures to treat femoral impingement in the hip and rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder.

The studies that take place daily at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute covers many areas including science research, evidence-based medicine, biomechanics research, education and fellowship. These specific areas of research and education investigate the causes and effects of degenerative arthritis, techniques of cartilage regeneration, and basic biological healing processes. The clinical research that is conducted based on evidence-based medicine provides factual “outcomes” based on actual clinical data that aids both physicians and patients in making better-informed treatment decisions.  The biomechanics research laboratory studies dynamic joint function using motion analysis, computer modeling and dual-plane fluoroscopy imaging in an effort to understand injury mechanisms and to enhance rehabilitation techniques and outcomes. The Institute is also recognized for their imaging research department which works to develop and evaluate noninvasive imaging techniques of the joints for the purpose of directing and monitoring clinical treatment and outcomes.

The education and fellowship program administered by the Institute is the heart of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.  This area of the Institute provides physicians-in-residence fellowship-training, hosts seminars and conferences and international medical meetings, and produces and distributes publications and teaching visual media.

The Steadman Philippon Research Institute is located in Vail, Colorado. It continues day after day working towards the goal to keep active people active.