For over 15 years, Stealth Components has experienced significant growth and has become a leader in the independent distribution of electronic components.  Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stealth provides stock and source services of standard long-lead-time, allocated, hard-to-find, and obsolete components for domestic and international customers.  Stealth strives to help its customers eliminate gaps, reduce costs and avoid production line delays and interruptions.  Stealth’s leadership, quality program and process efficiencies paired with our trusted network of suppliers enable us to provide components with improved lead time while ensuring product quality is not compromised.

Our position in the supply chain is to be an advisor and help customers solve their logistic issues.  Whether it is one part or thousands, long-lead-time or simply hard to find, we are here to augment the current process to help customers stay on track.  At Stealth, we are not trying to replace main suppliers; instead we want to become the independent partner our customers trust to call FIRST!