SMACH Z is the first handheld Steam Machine.

We love handheld consoles. Now that smartphones and tablets are overtaking handhelds, we need more than ever good games to play, real games for gamers, to be played on a dedicated gaming platform.

Discover a new way of playing Steam games!

"We love the project, It's pretty amazing! When we first met the SMACH Team we were immediately on board to support. SMACH Z will bring an exciting new dimension to Steam games."
Stephen Turnbull, AMD's Director of embedded product marketing.

- More than 1000 games out of the box.
- More than 5 hours of battery life.
- Powerful enough to play any game on the market.
- Configurable controls.


KICKSTARTER: http://kickstarter.smachz.com

OFFICIAL SITE: http://smachz.com