Steeplechase Business Solutions, Inc. is an outsourced marketing and sales firm located in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  We specialize in direct marketing on behalf of some of the largest Fortune 500 clients in the telecommunications industry.  Opening in February of 2013, we have already doubled some of our client’s expectations and look to do so again in 2014.  

Our mission is to provide top notch representation for our clients by promoting integrity, hard work, and passion.  As we grow, we promise to only grow from within and develop our people, maintaining our quality along with the quantity of our results.  We are dedicated to providing a positive environment for learning and helping each and every one of our people succeed.  This is the commitment that we make to our people.


We believe that big companies and their customers have lost the personal relationship to one another.  This is something we look to reestablish.  Steeplechase Business Solutions, Inc. is changing the way large companies acquire and retain customers through a direct approach to marketing and sales.  We leverage our expertise in this personal and consultative approach by guaranteeing our clients return on investment.
We look to facilitate an entrepreneurial environment of learning and professional development within our company.  Steeplechase Business Solutions prides itself on its greatest asset, its people.  We value integrity, passion, and hard work as critical pieces to establishing a great company culture.  Although we are nearing the end of our first year in business, we look to keep the start-up attitude and enthusiasm that has led to our success until this point.

Because our people are our most important asset, we seek to continually develop our employees at every turn.  Whether this means coaching opportunities, travel, or opportunities to shadow office responsibilities, having a great student mentality is critical to our culture.  As we continue to grow, this type of development becomes our greatest strength.  We will only promote from within and develop our own talent.  Though this may not be the fastest way to expand, we believe it to be the best way to guarantee the quality that our clients expect from top to bottom.

We also look to give back to the community.  Participating in philanthropy events for charities such as The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Operation Smile is an important part of our culture.  Working to earn is just as important as working to give back.

Our Capabilities

As a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 telecommunications clients, we specialize in face to face acquisition, retention, and customer service.  The result that we get for our clients here in Pittsburgh is directly tied to our systematic training program.  We are a relatively small company at this point, but we already bring roughly over one-third of all new customers to our clients within the Pittsburgh market.  We look to exceed this mark in 2014.

We deliver personally tailored presentations to current and new customers based on client provided leads.  This old school approach renews the relationship that our clients have with their customers.  It also creates a sense of comfort and convenience for customers that they wouldn't have otherwise.  This approach, in conjunction with our people, ensures professionalism and integrity for our clients.  

Training and Development

100 percent of our leadership, including ownership, developed from the entry level.  Continual training and development are cornerstones of our growth strategy.  We take pride in our systematic training approach.  We have designed it to take into account a variety of different learning styles.  We will initially start our employees learning how to communicate with customers and learning the ability to self-manage schedule and responsibilities.  Once mastery of this has occurred, we will begin to teach somebody leadership skills and management responsibilities.

We believe in continual development.  Our management in training program teaches valuable real world skills that are applicable and marketable in any industry.  As we continue our growth, we will develop talent from within.  Every manager we promote in the next year will come from the entry level.  This is our promise and our commitment to our people.  We will provide the training necessary to make this possible.  All that we ask in return is integrity, hard work, and a positive problem solving mentality.