In creating and developing the Stellar Scholar Academy, Dr. Wahab and Mrs. Carvajal-Martinez researched and evaluated the best practices of college planning experts and educators. The result is the development of a comprehensive and cost- effective college-planning academy designed to not only demystify the college admissions process, but also empower parents and students to utilize college planning tools and resources. A highlight of the academy is having parents and students working together to identify, plan, and attack the college planning process, as early as the summer before the ninth grade.
A satisfied parent said, “I am so excited to be a part of the Stellar Scholar academy, we have used the 16 hours of uninterrupted time, to it’s fullest, know I now what I am supposed to be doing to get my daughter through the transition to college, thank you for making this a no-brainer”. Stellar Scholar, knows that the college planning process is difficult to navigate even for the savviest individual.
CEO, Dr. Wahab said, “Stellar Scholar academy was born to be the catalyst to jump starting family discussion on the college planning process, whether you utilize this program through your school to compliment your counseling program or stand alone, parents stand to make serious strides in their knowledge and foundation of the issues surrounding the college planning process.”