Stephanie J. Beavers Communications provides the services you need to enhance and refine your written image.

Professionals, students, independent authors, web developers and small businesses benefit from my expertise and solid, proven skills as I develop, edit, and refine all types of written works.

My experience includes books/manuscripts, short stories, magazines, print publications, websites, dissertations, How-to books, handbooks and manuals, marketing brochures, applications, and letters of interest.

Services include:

Proofreading / copy-editing
In-depth content editing
Manuscript formatting for publication
Website reviews for typos, inconsistencies
Web copy development and revision
Technical writing
Grant-writing support and training
Resumes and cover letters
​Personal correspondence
​English as a second language

I commit to all my clients:

Clear and open communication
Quality work
Full and complete confidentiality
Accountability and reliability
Adherence to industry and education standards

I possess a wealth of experience and expertise, thanks to twenty years in corporate America and five in the editing/writing industry. I put my skills to work for all my clients—skills that include developing, writing, research, interviewing, and an amazingly keen eye for detail.

My portfolio of work includes a range of professional, business, and technical communications and presentations: web content, training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, Spanish proofreading, monthly publications, published books, dissertations, resumes.

I work especially well with non-native English speakers, and am fluent in Spanish.

​I also support individuals in getting their own personal branding and messaging out, whether through correspondence, resumes, books, or short stories.

Anyone who knows me knows my philosophy: If it's worth writing or saying, it's worth writing or saying well.