The criminal defense firm of Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners represents clients throughout the Los Angeles area in California.  A guilty verdict for a criminal case can mean imprisonment and other harsh penalties.  From the time of arrest or while under investigation for a suspected criminal involvement, it is vital to have a strong defense at each step and an attorney to protect the constitutional rights of the defendant.  The attorneys with the firm have over 70 years of combined legal experience and focus their practice exclusively on the area of criminal defense.  Their many memberships include the American Bar Association, Mexican American Bar Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Mr. Rodriguez has provided legal commentary on Anderson Cooper (AC 360), Channel 7 ABC News, Telemundo, and UNIVISION.  The defense lawyers work with clients throughout the process and fight for their rights both inside and outside the courtroom.  You can learn more about the attorneys and firm at http://www.LACriminalDefenseAttorney.com.