The Law Office of Stephen T. Novick represents clients in Quincy and the entire area of Boston, Massachusetts.  A person convicted of a crime can spend time in jail, pay large fines, and receive other penalties imposed by the court.  A damaged reputation, loss of privacy, employability and other consequences can also follow a guilty verdict.  When one faces the loss of certain freedoms, it is important to have a strong and aggressive defense for the protection of constitution rights throughout the criminal process.  Attorney Novick is a former police officer and prosecutor, extensively trained in narcotics, sexual assault and rape investigation.  He teaches graduate level criminal justice, negotiation/conflict resolution, and law classes, and is active in professional associations.  Criminal defense is the sole practice of the firm and clients can reach their attorney 24/7.  The dedication to clients and desire to help them is evident in the successful results achieved in criminal cases.  You can learn more about the firm at http://www.QuincyCriminalDefenseLawyers.com.