Steve Cotter is a global pioneer in kettlebell training and fitness education. Steve has trained thousands of individuals, fitness professionals, professional athletes, US Navy Seals and US Marines on 6 continents and over 50 countries through his International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF).

Steve now brings his many years of fitness training and experience with an online, interactive platform, Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University™. The Kettlebell University™ is a complete kettlebell training and educational system, and features over 12 hours of in-depth kettlebell instruction and facts and information on proper nutrition and overall health and fitness. Organized in 3 modules, Kettlebell Training, Nutrition, and The Science of Fitness, The Kettlebell University™ enables individuals, large and small groups of people, and businesses with an Internet connection, computer, TV or mobile device, to easily navigate throughout the Training Center and train one-on-one with Steve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

The Kettlebell Training module contains 21 workouts and 1 bonus workout for beginner, intermediate and advanced users, and is organized in 2 sections, Pick Your Workout, and Personalized Training. Pick Your Workout allows a user to choose workouts to achieve results in Health & Longevity, Fat Loss and Muscle Tone, Mobility, Strength and Conditioning-Fitness and Competition and Performance. Personalized Training includes the same workouts, but after completing the Personal Assessment section, Steve helps the user determine which workout is best to reach a specific goal. Each section also contains Getting Started with Kettlebells, a series of safety and proper technique videos, and, the Exercise Technique Library, which contains in-depth how-to instructional videos of the 72 beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that make up the workouts. The instructional videos are easily accessed at any time during a workout for a quick review of proper technique.

The Nutrition module provides nutritional advice from leading exerts and why proper nutrition is crucial to overall health and longevity. Steve and Dr. John Fitzgerald discuss the vital role that superfoods can play for achieving and maintaining good health. Members are provided free access to the University Library to read and download dozens of research articles on fitness and common health conditions and diseases. Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University™ monthly fat-loss challenge will provide the incentive and direction for losing weight.

The Science of Fitness module explores the science of human performance, including how the latest in wearable technologies and products can play a key role in monitoring and maintaining good health while training and exercising. The results of Steve Cotter’s training while utilizing wearable products will soon be published. Interested Members will soon be invited to participate and share their results while using wearable products.