Launched in early 2014, Steve Smith and Associates is comprised of principal partners Steve Smith and Beto Paredes, both long-time network marketing professionals. The Steve Smith and Associates firm is looking to reshape the entire industry via actively engaging and partnering with pre-existent network marketers and distributors interested in fresh, sustainable growth and profits. Integral to their approach is seeing each company as partners and not clients.

Rather than instilling a quick solution for service fees, Steve Smith and Associates instead deploys its specific, proprietary program tailored to each company’s specific business model and product vertical. This tailoring is achieved through careful analysis of each client’s current assets and goals, which are discovered through careful discussion and consideration. From that point onward, the firm’s system expertly institutes specific changes appropriate to their clientele without causing unnecessary disruption or cost overruns.

The strategic consulting of Steve Smith and Associates aims at identifying the overall direction, goals, and strategies of a company or organization within its specific industry sector. With Steve Smith’s expertise in MLM organizations, he focuses his consultations on this industry’s special concerns. The ultimate goal of Steve Smith and Associates’ implementation efforts is generating greater profits for significantly-reduced cost at greater efficiency than is often seen within other multilevel marketing efforts. Through careful implementation and overall companies’ adoption of its methodology to increase their bottom lines with reduced costs, Steve Smith is again ready to make history for a new generation of marketers.