Steven David Lampley is a public speaker and a lie detection expert. He is a former twenty-one year career police officer undercover & SVU detective with cases he was part of on Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, America's Most Wanted, and TruTV.

He worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Postal Inspector's Service, Department of Justice's United States Attorney's Office, and Alabama Attorney General Troy King (2006-2011).

Steven is now a public speaker and is penning true crime books (Outside Your Door, How to Catch a Liar, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, True Crime Facts You May Not Know, and The Dahmer Book).

Steven now offers his seminar to corporations, businesses, colleges and universities, organizations, and associations on How to Catch a Liar.  He explains the techniques and indicators police detectives use to help them determine if someone is lying to the in interviews or interrogations.

The two hour seminar, How to Catch a Liar is highly informative, educational, and fun!

Steven can be reached through his website:  http://www,StevenDavidLampley.com