StickMo Build Boards are the creation of Timothy Bennett, a dad with two young kids. His oldest was the type of kid who would “lose it” if he lost anything. This made building toys - especially ones with expensive little plastic bricks - a dicey proposition. A single lost piece and smiles turned to tears. He needed a way keep everything in place - without losing any of the fun!

StickMo Build Boards are a simple idea: a flat, lightly sticky surface that keeps all the little LEGO pieces (and other things such as beads) securely in place and easy to find. When it's time to clean up or move, StickMo makes it easy. Just pick up the whole project at once and put it away! When it's time to play again, everything will be just the way you left it.

StickMo is made from an innovative material that uses a paper core, water-based adhesives and is finished with a rigid white smooth surface. Produced without chlorofluorocarbons, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are produced during manufacturing of the board. When it's time to retire a StickMo, it's 100% recyclable anywhere cardboard is accepted.