Stink Balm was invented by an emergency room Registered Nurse from Long Island, NY who was looking for an inconspicuous way to block foul odors while she was at work. Stink Balm provides an invisible barrier to foul odors and does not embarrass patients. Stink Balm helps to maintain patient dignity. In today's world, masks are always worn, however, they do not block odors and actually keep in your own odors such as coffee breath. Stink Balm provides relief from all of these odors as well as increases sense of well being aroma-therapeutically!

All of the ingredients and packaging are of the highest quality available. Organic Beeswax, organic shea butter, organic argan oil, organic essential oils, organic menthol crystals and natural fragrance oils are combined in a unique manner and packaged in BPA free tubes using equipment that is sterilized prior to use. The product is then hand-labeled and each Stink Balm is usually individually gift wrapped, when time constraints allow, and always at no extra charge.

Available in Original,Coffee and Apple Scents.

Organic Stink Balm Odor Blocker is available in Lavender, Orange and Vanilla Scents.

Pumpkin Spice scent is SOLD OUT - see you next year!