Architectural Stone LLC is a manufacturer of sustainable high performance Cast Stone products produced using 100% regionally recycled post consumer Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) - Pozzotive. Pozzotive is the only white post consumer pozzolan that lends itself to the creation of white Cast stone and roof paving slab taking advantage of its high solar reflectance and high albedo effect.

Cast stone and Roof paving slabs produced by Architectural Stone LLC contain between 12% and 20% of Pozzotive which is derived from Post-consumer recycled glass recovered regionally. By using up to 20% recycled SCM in all of our products as a portland replacement we are reducing landfill volume and fossil fuel emissions used in portland cement manufacturing while creating a better less permeable and sustainable architectural stone product.

In addition to using up to 20% of portland replacement SCM in all its products Architectural Stone LLC  is located within minutes of New York City greatly contributing to LEED MR 4 and MR 5 budgets.

Architectural Stone LLC has been fabricating cast stone and Indiana limestone since 1999 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of architectural stone and roof paving slabs in the greater New York area.
In addition to our sustainable cast stone and limestone products, we are now fabricating modular architectural veneers and pavers.
Unlike our custom architectural products which are hand crafted, we’ve made a significant investment in high-speed automated manufacturing equipment that has the capability to produce veneers and pavers quickly and competitively priced.