StoreMyTumor helps you preserve your tumor so that you do not find yourself limited to a few therapeutic options because your tissue has been discarded or not properly preserved (in the right format). Having access to your tumor offers you the option to participate in one of several immunotherapy based clinical trials that require tumor tissue. You can also benefit from molecular, genetic, chemo-sensitivity, and biomarker testing. These diagnostics empower your doctor to better understand your tumor and to personalize your therapy. We help you procure, transport, process, and store your tumor in several formats so that it can be used anytime. StoreMyTumor is the only service provider in the United States that provides private tumor preservation and coordination services.

By storing their tumor, patients will receive access to cutting edge diagnostics and therapies, such as advanced genetic testing and immunotherapy:

- Currently storing over 600 tumors in all formats, with primary focus on viable tumor tissue.
- Currently working with clinicians at over 60 institutions throughout the US including: Memorial Sloan-Kettering, UCSF, University of Pennsylvania, Mayo Clinic, NYU among others.

Partners and clinicians that are working with StoreMyTumor have reported to us benefits that include:

- Ability to offer their late-stage patients, immunotherapy and vaccine trials that require viable tissue from the environs of their clinic without having to lose the personal connection (if they were to refer their patients to other academic institutions).
- Ability to offer and coordinate superior and targeted diagnostics that require tumor tissue; such diagnostics help better target the tumor, for example: chemo sensitivity assays, genetic testing and biomarker testing.
- Ability to further differentiate themselves and their organization, and be perceived as cutting edge.