StoryPress recognizes that spoken stories capture something special – an authenticity that transcends generations and deserves to be archived in a personalized way.

Until now, it has never been so easy to collect and catalog the honest, enduring quality of spoken stories via your own personal "Library."

You can fill your StoryPress Library with storybooks that inspire you in different ways: a collection of family stories, or even an audio diary. Make StoryPress interactive: create guided interviews directed by you, with the spoken anecdotes contributed by a mentor, a friend, or a family member, near or far.

Once the story is complete, you must only make one click to save the book to your StoryPress Library in the cloud, where it can be saved and cherished forever.

It is easy to organize and share your audio books as well as add visual components to your favorite stories.

The StoryPress Library becomes a personalized hub from which you can grow and share, via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, the stories captured along the way.

The spoken stories are yours to author, preserve and share to inspire others – because a voice, unlike anything else, has the power to bring a story to life.

Imagine sharing your grandmother's stories, in her spoken words, with your grandchildren someday. Think about how your shared life experience, like surviving cancer or starting a business, could help guide someone through a similar experience. Or how about capturing your child's thoughts on the first day of school each year until they graduate? These memories are too important to forget.