Story Vision Video creates videos that wrap your marketing message in a motivating, unforgettable video. We understand small businesses, and that your website's visitors want solutions fast. Our specialty is our ability to create the perfect message in brief, 1 to 2 minute animated or live videos that explain what your company, a product or service. Full color animation, whiteboard and motion graphic videos are produced quickly and economically, providing maximum value for small business dollars.

An effective message is critical in an online world where average stays last just 15 seconds. While it's great to have lots of well-meaning information on your website, the problem with browsers is, people browse. A well-produced video will stop visitors in their tracks for the minute or two needed to present an informative, persuasive explanation of your business and your value offer.

Dozens of statistics prove this. Wistia reports video on a web page increases viewer attention by 2 ½ times. Forbes reports 75 percent of executives watch business related videos at least weekly and that at least 59 percent prefer video to text. Hubspot says adding video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent. You Tube – nothing but video – is the 2nd most used search engine on the planet.

People expect video.

Story Vision Video makes video easy with our step-by-step process. We take the load off your shoulders while keeping you in the loop at each stage of development. You provide the initial input then watch as your video evolves from concept through final product. You have an opportunity to request revisions at each stage. Although we offer unlimited revisions, most of our clients rarely need many.

Throughout the process, you work with just two people: our chief creative officer and our project manager. With everything done in Arizona and Wisconsin, both are readily available by phone and email, with no time zone issues or language barriers.

Another quality separating Story Vision Video from other services is our exhaustive experience and the intense emphasis we puts on your story. Do-it-yourself video sites provide easy-to-use imagery and online editing tools but completely ignore the critical content element – crafting the story. That’s akin to giving someone a printing press without telling them they need to know how to write.

By wrapping your marketing message inside a compelling story, the marketing component becomes much more persuasive and is remembered much longer.

Story Vision Video’s unique approach begins with an understanding that your video isn’t so much about you as it is about the people you’re trying to attract. And that the best way to keep and hold attention is by providing a solid, solution-based story that connects with viewers on several levels - within the first 30 seconds.

Knowing about your clients is as important as knowing about you. We dig deep. Who are your potential customers? Where are they in the decision making process? What issues do they face? What keeps them up at night? What turns them on, and off? What are your competitors doing? All of this is necessary information for the development of a story that connects on both emotional and practical levels.

Story Vision Video has the Emmy-winning experience and the chops to justify its name, with backgrounds in journalism, broadcast news, public relations and marketing, as well as video production. Our exhaustive experience and our proven process enables us to quickly provide an effective, cost-efficient alternative to producing your own video.

Story Vision Video provides all types and styles of video, including 2D color, whiteboard, motion graphic and conventional, also sometimes called “live” video. Color and whiteboard work well for many videos. Motion graphic works well when explaining abstract topics. Live videos work best when you need to show actual people, places and things.

Beyond creating great videos that work for our customers, our constant goal at Story Vision Video is repeat business. More than half of our business is repeat and referral. Our website has an entire page dedicated to testimonials from happy clients. We’re happy to provide references you can call talk with about our work.

In short, if you need to put your marketing message into video (and you do) you won’t do better than Story Vision Video when it comes to expertise and value.