Founded in Los Angeles, California, Strapped is a designer apparel brand founded on the notion of returning to classic authenticity using the finest-quality materials. Founder and Creative Director, Jordan Wiseley, originally drew his inspiration from the world of motorcycles and drew vintage americana into the realms of modern streetwear and elevated fashion. The stunning results are hand-crafted and locally-made luxury bags, jackets, tops, and bottoms for both men and women, that can go any place at any time, while retaining just the right combination of style and rebellious grit.

Authenticity and a no-nonsense approach are core values for the brand, and are reflected in the products as well as Wiseley’s lifestyle as an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. As a result of its initial launch in Los Angeles, followed by its lead-in to New York Fashion Week in September 2018, the line found its way into the hands of Taylor Swift, actor and comedian Marlon Wayans, and celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie.

Jordan’s debut collection features locally-sourced knits from French terry to custom-designed sugar haccis, Italian leather, North American denim, and Korean silk to construct outerwear, essentials, and accessories displaying details including reversible embroidered-silk-lined denim jackets, fringe rocker leather jackets, and one-of-a-kind distressing.

The local Los Angeles construction allows the Strapped team to maintain a hands-on creative approach from start to finish on each piece, whether it's a casual t-shirt or a luxury leather travel bag. But most importantly, it ensures that all of the technicians and seamstresses who create the garments are paid above a living wage and hourly, rather than by the garment.

In the end, Strapped focuses on the details that point back to the essential elements of quality and longevity from the lens of a true inventor, and artist.