Op2i provides Strategic Business Advisory Services in Business Transformation, Sourcing and Strategic Governance.

We support our clients in developing, structuring and executing business programmes that help transform their operations by making the right strategy, supplier and technology decisions through the provision of strategic insight and the implementation of strategic governance that enhances their competitive advantage through the delivery of auditable board-sponsored or C-level led strategic initiatives.

We don't claim to know more about your business than you do but we do think differently. We challenge assumptions and bring fresh ideas to the table, backed up by rigorous research, analysis, tools and systems.

Op2i provides a range of services that includes consultancy, facilitation and interim management services and the provision of tools and systems that help organisations develop and implement business transformation programmes. We also work with service providers to transform their business, helping develop new revenue streams and enter new markets.

Our services help management and board directors focus on the matters of greatest importance to the business, promoting more informed and strategic debate in the boardroom and allowing the business to benefit fully from the skills, wisdom and experience that resides within their organisations.