Stratinfinity is a global management consulting firm providing strategic advisory from planning, designing, building, operating, and transferring the Global Capability Centre (GCC) to accelerate the digital transformation to reimagine business.

We work on Global enablement, Digital Transformation, GCC next, and Transformative solutions with core expertise in Corporate Services, Promising Compliance Services, Enterprise Risk Management, Product Engineering, GTM Strategy, and Digital Transformation.

Stratinfinity is a management consulting and technology advisory company that enables global organizations to nurture and grow their extended centres in India by providing comprehensive services in four major areas: Globalization Enablement, Digital Transformation, GCC Next, and Advisory Services.

Our unique and innovative model offers end-to-end solutions and boutique services from thought process to live strategy for creating high-performance teams. We aim to deliver value to the stakeholders by getting your cultural fundamentals, compliance nuances, corporate support, digital deep tech road map, and enterprise integration to enhance the global organization's success.

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