Streamline Control Solutions… is composed of professionals with varying backgrounds and skill sets within the energy industry. Our focus is to bring Management, Operations and IT together to streamline a company’s data flow and business processes. We have a unique perspective on the Energy Industry and provide key services that have the client’s needs in mind. We strive to take the most effective route to understanding and improving the value stream of the businesses we deal with.

The Health Check… At Streamline we have developed a Health Check process that has been customized for all of our services and is based on working with the company to assess the current processes and technologies. This is done in order to help you create a path forward to improve your business process and data flow through the systems. Through an evaluation that considers all three sectors (Management, Technology and Operations), we can then effectively diagnose your current systems and processes, and educate the different sectors of your company on how to effectively manage change and meet future challenges.

Our People… have experience in the industry, and an unmatched knowledge base. We understand what works for you and what doesn’t. We see our teams as an extension of your company and are not looking to just “place” them in your organization and walk away. We want to work with you to bring the best people forward to help you succeed.

Our Strategic Focus… isn’t to sell technology: we facilitate management of your data, provide technical and regulatory clarity, and offer direction through the life cycle of your assets. Our strategic partnerships with industry technology leaders in many different fields allow us to effectively create the best business solutions for you and your business.