World Renowned Hypnotist Randy Charach unlocks the secret to looking great, feeling sexy, and loving your body again.

He will have introduce you to a method that will change your eating habits forever. You won’t even want to snack between meals after a while. Your addiction to sweet, sugary and other fattening foods will be a distant memory. You will find yourself only wanting to eat healthy foods in moderate proportions… And it’s not a diet plan!

Think about all the reasons that you want to lose weight. The real reasons. Yes, the ones consumed by vanity. Why do you want to look a certain way?

Because you see these hot young models on the covers of these magazines, flaunting in these television shows, looking forever young in these movies and you want to look like that. The corporations and movie execs know it. They use these images to control your mind. They hope to keep you tied to your diets and fitness programs so that they can continually benefit from your desire to attain the same proportions depicted by these gorgeous models.

That’s why they use celebrities to market their products. Mind control works. If you don’t believe me still, go look in your closets or your pantries and tell me tha t you couldn’t have bought the generic brand.

Your search to end the endless dieting cycle (and it's yo-yo effect) may be at an end. Hypnotherapy or Self-Hypnosis will help you reverse the conditioning you've been subjected to through the media and diet companies.

We are retailing just such a Self-hypnosis CD which you use by simply listening to Randy Charach as he gently reprograms your mindset whilst you're sitting or lying down (perhaps as you're going to sleep) for a 30 day period. It's ok to actually fall asleep during the recording and the simple instructions are at the beginning of the CD.

The CD carries a full 30 day guarantee, so there is no risk to you if you find the program is not for you.