Author and blogger, Gina Molitor, launched www.StressLessOrBust.com in 2012.  The catalyst for the site was her memoir, Solid~Wax: A Father/Daughter Alzheimer's Journey From meltdown to Illumination, which is intended to shine a light so that other caregivers may see ahead.  Since the caregiving role is so chronically stressful and since medical theory asserts a significant causal link between stress and Alzheimer's disease, she launched the site dedicated to stress reduction.

The site targets women 35+ who are disproportionately taxed with caregiver responsibilities.  It's slogan of 'Transport Yourself' underlies the mission to provide a respite detour from stressors as well as a destination for information and solutions.  Via a blog-based format, four channels within the site are geared toward women's most joyful diversions like Style Therapy; D├ęcor Therapy; Ventilation Therapy, and Pet Therapy.  Advisory mood fixes are featured, like how to adjust lighting for optimal health, as well as perk-up merchandise.  The fifth, Caregiver Therapy channel specifically addresses coping skills for dealing with ill family members, especially those with dementia issues.  The site as a whole strikes a balance between powerful insights, as with the various eBook offerings, and levity.