Stretch ceiling system DESIGNED FOR YOU!
Our team will gladly help you with the project details execution if needed. If you do not have an architect or engineer working on your project, we will provide you with all necessary services, in order for the project execution to go smoothly.

What is a stretch ceiling?
A suspended stretch ceiling is manufactured by welding the perimeter of lightweight stretch fabric to the harpoon (clipping element). Given space, the aluminium profiles will be installed on the perimeter of the coverage area. Therefore please keep in mind that the technical solutions are particularised for each space.

This system is manufactured in such manner that your imagination should be your only limit! We deliver all textures and colours:

Translucent (backlit LED)
Print (images from our bank or yours!)
Matt (perfect replacement for classical gypsum board system)
MEDproof (mainly recommended in “white chamber” hospitals, food industry, etc..)
Lacquered (high glossy ceilings, to turn the optics in a small height room )
NEW! Two layered 3D effect system
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Spaces where to install?
Mainly in interior spaces, with few exceptions. Most importantly, you can integrate the stretch ceiling system into all type of architectural programmes, like residential, leisure spaces, office, commercial etc.. Not to mention that you can use it both in the classical and modern approach of interior design.

Quality and Safety
Giving the fact that we work with multi-brand stretch ceilings systems allows us to deliver high-quality standards, in compliance with the requests of your projects.

Equally important, in the manner of the safety of our products, we can assure you we use only A+ /CE marked products.

Fire rating: B S1 d0/ B S2 d0 depending on textures.
Silver Cube always tries to provide projects with the quality that is needed. If you are not sure about the design solution you choose, our design department is able to supply CGIs. This is in order for you to make an idea of what it would look like. Don’t you have an architect? Do not worry, we have a team of architects at your disposal. Just give us a call or email and you can establish a meeting with one of our technical sales agent!