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Students Cloud strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts. Students Cloud is collaboration and networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to Professionals, Students, Parents , Teachers and Administrators, Service Providers, Customers, Prospects, Partners and Industry experts . Professionals Use Students Cloud platform to build their own students focused education ecosystem. Members use the Students Cloud platform to discover a new way to manage their profile, answers , and groups, eLearning, Distance Education, Training and Events . Use the platform to build a network, share ideas, and improve opportunities, share students reviews, ratings and customer case studies, Perfect Teacher Index

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San Ramon , CA, 94582 , USA
Aug 15 , 2010

Details: Network, Learn, Distribute and Advance
Students Cloud platform supports a fundamental shift In the way Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools, Campuses, Colleges and Universities communicate  and collaborate worldwide. The main features of Students Cloud are as given below.

About Students Cloud
Ø     Get the most from Your Networking and Efficient Collaboration
Ø     Community-Powered Education Ecosystem help Institutions, Companies and their Partners build their Education Ecosystem
Ø     Perfect Teachers index, Reviews, Ratings and recommendations help Teachers and Administrators to showcase their Service Offerings in a better way
Ø     CRM Pro, Mail Box and Collaboration Pro features help Teachers and Administrators to build their Network with Students and Parents Community
Ø     Latest Updates from many News Channels – News
Ø     Students Cloud Profile Management System enables Individuals, Students, Teachers to maintain their Integrated Profile Information System

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Students Cloud is  a Collaboration platform where Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools and Administrators of Campuses, Colleges and Universities  can network and collaborate worldwide
Here is Summary Video clip   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnNF-okH9ug

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Kumaran Narbhavee , Director,