Studycopter is the world's first online + mobile-capable adaptive learning platform that enables students to ace exams such as the GMAT.

Our smart learning engine continually analyzes your performance, compares it with your peers, and constructs an appropriate learning path for you. So you know what how you have been doing and you need to prepare on to maximize your test performance

By focusing on areas that you need to improve on and not wasting inordinate time on concepts that are not critical, you score well in tour exam and move ahead in life.

Studycopter has all you need to ace an exam:

Solid Content: Studycopter leverages the expertise of best selling authors and trusted resources of millions of students worldwide-Jeff Kolby, Bruce Stirling, and Nova Press.

Practice makes perfect: Studycopter has a ton of practice questions, mock tests, and study material to make you ready for your test-day.

Anytime, anywhere learning: Start on your laptop at the breakfast table-continue on your ride to work-and analyze your performance during lunch break (or a boring meeting!)

Analytics: See how you did, what you need to do next and plan for the big exam day.

Learning Paths: We tell you exactly where you need to focus on to maximize performance.

Social Studying: Share tips, bookmarks, and notes with friends. Learn better and earn karma points.