We are passionate, focused, results-orientated and “All In.” Just like you!

Through experience we learn about skills, abilities, values, and what makes us happy. While running a market research company from 2005 – 2010, and moderating hundreds of groups, I became obsessed with “triggers” and user-experience. What makes consumers decide on a particular brand or product? How do brands earn loyalty? How do you mitigate cognitive dissonance?

With due diligence, I have repeatedly come to the same conclusion. Everything starts and ends with the web. From acquisition to completion, a website is your “central hub” for attracting clients. A cohesive approach is attained through website design, search-engine optimization, social-media, newsletters, content writing, for retaining clients through newsletters, content, loyalty programs and generating sales through the implementation of APPS.

We believe so strongly in this perspective that we have digitized the fundamentals of marketing, applying it to a web core called Samurai. Samurai is our content management system and online community platform. It facilitates sales and marketing through rich inbound tools, beautifully designed websites and a search engine algorithm/methodology. The technology has yielded consistent success, with unconventionally high ROI for a staggering 85% of our clients.

Market research also continues to be an integral part of our business. We agilely utilize techniques in our bulletin boards, focus groups and surveys, in order to validate our working theory on marketing success in a digital era.

If we say it’s going to work, it will. Let’s talk!

Almin Kassamali, President